Anadrol vs dbol toxicity

As much as there are advantages to using it, there is an equal amount of disadvantages as well. They affect individuals differently. For some people it can cause liver and organ damage. It can also lead to Physchological defects and infertility. Hepatitis B and C are also risk factors when using steroids. Men who take steroids may experience enlarged breasts and females who take it may experience increased facial hair. People who take steroids are also more aggressive than those who don’t. For teenagers taking steroids, the outcome could be devastating. Premature closure of growth cycle is one risk of teenagers taking steroids. These are not long term effects, however, it can be unpleasant nonetheless.

Also? Would you say that 300mg of Anadrol would be better then taking 100mg of dianabol in the way of muscle gains? cause i was told dianabol is more potent then anadrol... which is why anadrol is dosed higher then dianabol. they are dosed differently as they where intended for different purposes. Originally 10mg of d-bol was considered full replacement Testosterone therapy dosage for men- that was the dose given to athletes as well; of course they started taking more without telling the good dr Ziegler... the rest is history. Anadrol was developed for aplastic aneamia, and really increases RBC production. The dose is based on usual amount required to get the intended THERAPEUTIC action. The two drugs had different intended actions.

Anadrol vs dbol toxicity

anadrol vs dbol toxicity


anadrol vs dbol toxicityanadrol vs dbol toxicityanadrol vs dbol toxicity