Anavar 20 mg per day

you need to come off everything and begin hcg and arimadex. I would use arimadex at 1/2mg 3 x wk and hcg at 250iu twice wk every wk and attempt to restore any natural test I could. The adex and hcg should help elevate sperm count and natural test over time. I would also use clomid at 100mg/ day for a couple wks and then drop to 50mg day for 2 more wks after you quit everything. Its going to take awhile, possibly a year before you are fertile again. Even on trt there is still a 50% chance of being fertile, but the choice to come off totally or stay on trt depends on how long you have been on trt up until now. If its been a year then Id attempt to drop everything, if its been longer then Id revert to a minimum trt dose of 80-100mg wk and continue on hcg arimadex regimen. U really need a fertility specialist though but for now this is what Id do personally

Products I’m using are the Test E 500 and PharmaMix M300. The other items are being used by my friend.
Products are clear, clean, and identical looking to my TRT, pharmagrade Test. Been on blast for over 5 weeks, pinning x2 a week. I originally pinned .5cc of the Test E 500 and .7cc M300 but had to change due to the pip. The Test E 500 even at .5cc caused horrible pip where I was limping for 4 days at a time. Due to this I went to .5cc of my pharmagrade test c 200, .2cc TE500, and .7cc M300 pinned x2 a week. PIP is still there but much more manageable and not effecting daily activity. Start of the blast I was at 215lbs and currently at 204lbs. I’m leaner, harder, stronger, more vascular, muscle endurance/cardio is better, and noticing more aggression while training and driving. Libido has increased also.

Anavar 20 mg per day

anavar 20 mg per day


anavar 20 mg per dayanavar 20 mg per dayanavar 20 mg per dayanavar 20 mg per dayanavar 20 mg per day