Anavar cycle for boxing

I have also heard from training partners of many current UFC champs that that they are on all kinds of stuff, there are many ways to get around the drug tests. I even know a few guys in the UFC and that were in Strikeforce who would go off on twitter tantrums about PED users being cowards, yet they themselves use stuff... I'll never say names publicly though. Alot of them use those fake penis machine things to pass the drug tests. Yea I have heard that Tyson used cheque drops. Like I said I have only used Halo at this point, I cannot find cheque drops online anywhere. I know many fighters who use EPO but Im a little confused about what that is and how it works.

Hey brother , have some amateur boxing experience, were you using an AI with your test? Eq does amazing things for your performance in the ring as far as stamina , but... you need to watch red blood cell levels, as they get to high your aerobic performance can be inhibited blood gets to thick .. need to watch blood levels on eq, but that cycle is a boxers best friend . As far as the pros , those guys are training 6-8 hours a day 6 days a week , and go for runs even on the rest days ... that's why the pros have sponsors there is no time for work. It's all day training everyday and they have people watching their diets... boxing is great sport enjoy it , wanted to make a run for the pros but couldn't give up working with a family... best of luck bud let us know how you do...

Anavar cycle for boxing

anavar cycle for boxing


anavar cycle for boxinganavar cycle for boxinganavar cycle for boxinganavar cycle for boxinganavar cycle for boxing