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What a blast from the past. My parent had almost this exact same kitchen in the 50’s . My Mom had regular burner knobs on her pink GE stove but they were in the same spot as this one. A big pink oven to and a large pink refrigerator. She refused to have a dishwasher and always said it was a waste of resources and for lazy people. To this day I do not nor have I ever had a dishwasher and do not want one. I do remember the pink was also countertop . the floor tile had some pink and it had the same open shelves on each side of the window. The tile was pink. I remember as the stove top was set as this one that the cupboards were huge as the kitchen had more room for cupboards. Thanks for the memories. Great post

I remember the night my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Borsavage, called my house to tell my parents how hard I was working to learn my multiplication tables. As she talked to my mom, my dad had me at the kitchen table waiting to scold me for what I must have done wrong. I remember him telling me that teachers only call when you do something wrong – not Mrs. Borsavage. My dad was so proud when my mom hung up the phone and told him all of the positive things my teacher had to say about me. As a teacher, I try to be the Mrs. Borsavage to each of my students.

Are nap 50s good

are nap 50s good


are nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s good