Eas nap 50

We focused on volcanoes today. We made QUITE a mess I must say. Poor Ms. A spent most of her time cleaning everything up, but always with a smile. Thanks Ms. A.
Lots of different activities going on today:
First at one table Ms. A helped the children create milk volcanoes. This is always great fun--no one says we can spill our milk at home! Each child got a glass filled about half way with milk. Then they added some red food coloring so it would look like lava. Finally everyone was given a straw and told to blow. It is so cute watching some of them stop instantly as the bubbles got to the rim of the glass. When I tell them they can keep going to make it look like lave pouring from a volcano, you get that look like--really?

On another table I had set up trays with piles of baking soda and cups of colored vinegar. In each cup was an eye dropper. I showed the children how to get the liquid into the eye dropper and then squirt it on the baking soda. Their reaction to this bubbling mixture is always priceless.

I also had a table of dinosaur stamps and ink pads. I tried to have them wash the stamps before changing colors so that the ink didn't get all mixed together. The biggest draw at this table? Washing the stampers. There was water everywhere--but they had fun.

I also wanted to let them make something to take home--so very important to many of them. Our craft today was to cut a volcano from brown paper, glue it to another piece of paper, rip red/yellow/or orange tissue paper, and glue it to the volcano to represent lava. Then add some dinosaur stickers. This was actually my first cutting activity with the group. I was surprised I only had a few that needed some guidance.

That was our day, now I'm going to take a nap!

Eas nap 50

eas nap 50


eas nap 50eas nap 50eas nap 50eas nap 50eas nap 50