Fake nap 50

Not to worry. The tree does look very realistic. I’m just having trouble getting my mind around an all plastic tree. I know the poly trees didn’t look like a real tree but the good ones reminded me of the old feather trees. I’m just very picky. My working life was spent as a retail manager. For several of those years I was the home manager for Dillards. I began setup for Trim A Home in the stockroom in Sept. We would work for weeks setting up and fluffing the trees, and stringing 1200-2500 lights on them depending on their size. When we brought them to the floor we decorated them with heirloom quality ornaments from around the world. They were the most gorgeous trees! Of course those days are long gone. I, like you, decorate for the holidays. People that visit often ask me where I got such beautiful decorations. They were a labor of love for many years. I’m sure in time I will embrace the new trees as they are very realistic looking. I love your blog. I often read part of a post to my husband and he laughs and says there is someone just like you…..who loves her house.

Fake nap 50

fake nap 50


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