How to prevent use of steroids

"This is a landmark article," says Big Data Editor-in-Chief Vasant Dhar, Professor at the Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science at New York University. "Given how routinely social media sites violate individual privacy for targeting, it is important for end users to get back some control over the kinds of things that are inferred about them from their surfing behavior. This paper provides a practical model for how users can cloak their identity and avoid certain types of inferences to be drawn about them." Explore further: When is big data too big? Making data-based models comprehensible

TWO — ban natural gas drilling which uses high-volume slickwater hydrofracking with horizontal drilling, popularly known as “fracking,” which pollutes water, land, air, and climate while encouraging even more fossil fuel dependency. It is so environmentally destructive that, if it were properly regulated, it would be unaffordable; and natural gas is methane, a major contributor to global warming (methane emissions are not regulated at all, so methane pours into the atmosphere along with CO2 during this super-dirty type of deep drilling). Push hard for solar, wind, and geothermal instead. Push hard now; don’t wait!

The burden of prevention has been resting for years on the smallest shoulders in our society: the children who are most vulnerable, least powerful, and least likely to be able to protect themselves from a powerful adult. This is especially true when considering that the majority of sexual abuse (93%) happens at the hands of an adult well known to the child. When children are abused by adults they are also confused by the fact that this person is supposed to be a protector, a caretaker, and worthy of trust simply by being an adult (after all, we also teach children to obey adults, which can be very confusing). Child abusers are very often "experts" at emotional manipulation of children, gaining their trust well in advance of the actual abuse. In light of these facts (and many others), it is clear that the time has come for adults to assume responsibility for protecting children. Their shoulders were not built for carrying such weight.

How to prevent use of steroids

how to prevent use of steroids


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