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location: Jerusalem
most frequented by: Jews
In Hebrew, it's known as ha-kotel ha-ma'aravi. In English, it's usually referred to as the Wailing Wall or the Western Wall. But whatever you call it, it's old "¦ as in 2,000 years old. The Wall is all that remains of Jerusalem's Second Temple. King Solomon built the First Temple around 960 BCE, but after the Babylonians destroyed it and expelled the Jews from the region, construction began on its replacement. The Second Temple's luck wasn't much better. In 70 CE, the Romans flattened it—all but the Western Wall. Some historians claim Emperor Titus left this small section standing to remind the Jews who was in charge. The Jewish faithful, however, choose to view it as God's way of showing them that He hasn't forgotten about their whole "chosen" pact.
Westerners, observing Jewish worshippers crying over the destruction of the temple, dubbed it the Wailing Wall. But the appellation belies the site's much greater religious significance. For Jews, the Wall symbolizes God's presence, which is why millions of people come from all over the world to pray before the structure and insert written prayers into its crevices.
Unfortunately, as in just about everything else in the Middle East, the Wailing Wall is a point of controversy between Muslims and Jews. That's because the site is also home to the Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest sites in the Islamic religion. Muslims believe it's where Mohammed ascended into heaven with the messenger archangel, Gabriel.

My month old definitely can’t go 4 hours either (but with more solids, will be able to soon, I hope!). What I did for a while was feed her right before she went down so her nap wouldn’t be cut short by hunger. It made for a rotating schedule of nursing, but as we’ve both discovered by now, babies grow so fast that they’re always transitioning to a new schedule, and the transition is always awkward! 🙂 So you’d feed him at 9:30, and then 11:45 instead of 12:30. You could wait until 2:45pm to feed again, and that would just be 1 feeding in that awake period.

Nap 50 what do they do

nap 50 what do they do


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