Oxandrolone anavar nedir

In comparison with other steroid medicines, in moderate doses Oxandrolone to a lesser extent oppresses products of own testosterone and an axis hypothalamuses-hypophyses-testicles on a feedback mechanism. When Anavar's dosage is high, the organism reacts decrease in products of gonadotrophin, believing that the endogenous level of testosterone too high. Lack of stimulation of cages of Leydiga leads to an atrophy of testicles. According to the research Grunfeld, Carl MD, PhD for 2006 Oxandrolone in a dose of 80 mg a day lowered testosterone level for 67% after 12 weeks of acceptance.

Oxandrolone , as well as any other AAS, causes suppression of the HPT axis.  For a long time, and in many circles, it has been believed that oxandrolone did not affect the endogenous production of testosterone, but this is not true.  Although the suppression caused by oxandrolone is light and easily reversed, it does exist.  Thus, even with the rebound effect on the production of LH and testosterone, it is necessary to do the TPC at the end of the cycle, which may be a lighter TPC than the one usually used in cycles with stronger drugs.  Starting the CPT 24 hours after the very useful dose, in the first 2 weeks 100mg / day of Clomiphene + 40mg / day of Tamoxifen.  In the next 2 weeks reduce the dosage by half.  Some people perform TPC with the Purus Labs + Tribulus 1000 mg Recycle supplement per day for 4 weeks.

Oxandrolone anavar nedir

oxandrolone anavar nedir


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