Oxandrolone names

Lactones contribute significantly to the flavor of fruit, and of unfermented and fermented dairy products, [10] and are therefore used as flavors and fragrances. [4] Some examples are γ-decalactone (4-decanolide), which has a characteristic peach flavor; [10] δ-decalactone (5-decanolide), which has a creamy coconut/peach flavour; γ-dodecalactone (4-dodecanolide), which also has a coconut/fruity flavor, [10] a description which also fits γ-octalactone (4-octanolide), [11] although it also has a herbaceous character; [10] γ-nonalactone , which has an intense coconut flavor of this series, despite not occurring in coconut, [12] and γ-undecalactone .

Oxandrolone names

oxandrolone names


oxandrolone namesoxandrolone namesoxandrolone namesoxandrolone namesoxandrolone names