Oxandrolone weight lifting

"I have also posted under the name Donna, and this is an update. I'm 54 yrs old and weighed lbs (5'4" tall). I started this on 4/24 at dose. I wasn't able to sleep the first two days, so I cut the tab in half and take it between 7:30-8:00 am. In six weeks I've lost lbs. I try to walk at least 4-5 times a week, not too strenuous just yet, I need to drop at least 20 lbs before I can do more aggressive exercise. I stopped taking it last week to see and ate out a lot over the holiday weekend and maintained, which is fine considering. I took 1/2 again today and will for this week to see if it makes a difference. I was still having issues getting to sleep even off the pill, so that is the most difficult part. I also get a little dry mouth when taking the pill and feel like I've had too much caffeine. Overall I'd recommend this, but there are some side effects, like the sleep issue that could be difficult for some people."

It has some mild side effects associated with it as well. Side effects occur when you take it for a very long period of time and in more quantity. Major drawback of Anavar is that it is too costly, although available in black market but one cannot be so sure of the authenticity of it bought from there. As it is DHT and due to this hair loss and acne can occur. But hair loss only in men who have got this hair loss disease genetically transmitted. There could be high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels but only for those who are not living a healthy life style and these diseases are not transmitted genetically to the users as well. Due to the non aromatizing nature of Anavar it has taken side effects of water retention and Gynecomastia out of the equation.

Oxandrolone weight lifting

oxandrolone weight lifting


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