Oxedrine dangers

In terms of molecular structure, synephrine has a phenethylamine skeleton, with a phenolic hydroxy - group, an alcoholic hydroxy- group, and an N -methylated amino -group. Alternatively, synephrine might be described as a phenylethanolamine with an N -methyl and p -hydroxy substituent. The amino-group confers basic properties on the molecule, whereas the phenolic –OH group is weakly acidic: the apparent (see original article for discussion) pK a s for protonated synephrine are (phenolic H) and (ammonium H). [52]

Use cautiously in patients with deficiency of spleen and stomach, or during pregnancy. Chih-ko ( zhiqiao ) To move qi; to ease the middle jiao and eliminate distention. Distention and pain in the epigastrium and abdomen and poor appetite due to stagnation of spleen and stomach qi. 3-10 grams Blue citrus ( qingpi ) To regulate liver and break qi; to disperse lumps and relieve stagnant food. Distending pain in the hypochondriac region and breast, hernia caused by stagnation of liver qi; distending pain in the abdomen and epigastrium due to stagnant food with stagnant qi; movable or immovable masses in the abdomen due to stagnation of qi and blood. 3-10 grams

Oxedrine dangers

oxedrine dangers


oxedrine dangersoxedrine dangers