Primo and test cycle

The project is based in Speirs Locks, an area linked to the canal in north Glasgow. It is a post-industrial area close to (but in many ways separate from) the city centre. Since its industrial decline it has gone through significant change. The latest masterplan, which included large-scale building works and huge capital investment, didn’t materialise after the economic crash of 2008. Since then an alternative approach has been developed, placing cultural activity, alternative use and temporary activation at the heart of the regeneration process.

When it comes to getting the lightest and strongest helmet possible, carbon fiber is the material of choice for top manufacturers. Offering unmatched rigidity and strength over materials such as polycarbonate plastics and fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced polymer delivers a strength to weight ration that far surpasses many similar products. When used in motorcycle helmets, it offers both a lighter weight shell for better performance and reduced fatigue, as well as increased crash protection and shock absorption (not to mention a look that just cannot be beat!). If you’re unwilling to settle for the status quo and are looking for the latest in protection tech, a carbon fiber helmet may be the right choice. 

Primo and test cycle

primo and test cycle


primo and test cycleprimo and test cycleprimo and test cycleprimo and test cycleprimo and test cycle