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We have been in the health and fitness industry for almost 2 decades and have worked with many professional athletes as well as amateurs who used our products to help them perform at their best. We know how important it is to provide our customers with the best products on the market. We take great Pride in our supplements and do not try to cut costs by using small dosages and fillers as many other companies do. When you purchase from us you can be absolutely confident you are getting the best quality and safest supplements you can find.

One of the essential tips for installing a booster seat is always to use belt-positioning clips if they came with the booster seat. They are most likely to be found on the sides of a high back booster or attached to a strap on the bottom or back of a backless model. Sometimes, you won’t need to use the clips if the seat belt lands correctly on your child – but this is extremely rare. Each child is built differently, so it is unlikely that you will be able to follow anyone else’s guidelines. You have to do this for yourself, and you have to do it regularly – children grow like weeds.

Hi Courtney. I really find your project/posts very interesting. I thought for years that there must be something wrong with me, as I could never get into buying more than I wore/needed at any one time. When I did make other random purchases, of course they never fit into my wardrobe. I know my habit probably stems from my mother having hoards of clothing in several wardrobes, which she hardly ever wore, of course – nor probably knew what she even had. In addition, I had always been overweight my whole life and rarely had that interest in clothes of course, that I couldn’t often wear. However, since losing weight several years ago now and keeping it off, I decided to enrol on a style and colour course. That also helped immensely with me keeping to a small wardrobe but actually buying the things I love to wear. I’ve decided to try to do Project 333 retrospectively(!), for example, jotting down those items of clothing that I have already worn, commencing 1 June. I’m looking forward to doing that – just for interest. Just because I have a small wardrobe, doesn’t mean I get it right all the time! And I don’t want to miss out in participating in some way! Linda

Primo cycle facebook

primo cycle facebook


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