Primobolan enanthate 200mg

Primobolan cycle can be a reason for the next side effects:

  1. acne
  2. accelerated hair loss
  3. body hair growth
  4. virilization in women(manifested by hair growth in various areas of the body, a deepenedvoice and an enlargement of the clitoris),
  5. a mild enhancement of blood pressure levels
  6. violations of cholesterol levels
  7. curbing of testosterone production
  8. hepatic stress
  9. a low level of liver toxicity

Primobolan is a steroid, which gives a steady and slow muscle growth. It does not cause sudden increases in diametrical, but muscle on the conquered is quite also relatively safe.
Duration of action and the level of concentration will be as similar to Testosterone enanthate, remaining elevated for two weeks. Metenolone steroid is a long-acting and virtually no androgenic. Anabolic effect is considered to be slightly weaker than the popular Deca -Durabolin. Therefore, Primobolan is most often used while working on the definition before the competition, when increasing muscle mass is a key objective. Some bodybuilders join him, however, the measures dramatically and quickly increasing muscle mass – with Dianabol, Anadrol or Testosterone or Halotestin, trenbolone, winstrol.
Primoloban is seen as the mildest steroids available on the market, great for beginners, older and vulnerable users. Standard, the effective amount is 200 – 400mg per week. In the medical agent is even used for a long time. Most men respond well to doses of 200mg, however, applying it for a long time need to take a little bit more. Bodybuilders often come to doses of up to 600 – 800mg per week,

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Primobolan enanthate 200mg

primobolan enanthate 200mg


primobolan enanthate 200mgprimobolan enanthate 200mgprimobolan enanthate 200mgprimobolan enanthate 200mgprimobolan enanthate 200mg